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how it works is a service that matches buyers and sellers: people that want custom printing and screen printers. There are many advantages to such a set up. We have access to literally hundreds of printers. We are able to find the most qualified printers for your particular job, and then, because most jobs could be done by several printers, we can obtain the best reasonable price for you. This is somewhat similar to the old time job of, "(C)onsolidator."

The advantage goes to the customer needing custom printing through this "leveraged" buying power.

The step by step procedure is:

  1. Potential customer tells us what they want through an Request For Quote (RFQ) form, e-mail, fax, hard copy letter or phone call.
  2. The RFQ is reviewed and input into a standardized format. Any ambiguities are settled, questions are addressed. There may be some communication with the prospective customer before submission to the printers. The customer is contacted only by the means specified.
  3. A computerized list of qualified printers in our database is generated for each RFQ. For example, while some printers will not print any jobs of less than 1,000 shirts, there are many small printers, doing excellent work, that are happy to do a run of 10 shirts.
  4. The Quotation is prepared in consultation with the printer. A total bottom line cost, including shipping, is worked out and forwarded to the customer within one business day receipt of the original RFQ.
  5. The print job is coordinated and managed through We monitor the progress to make sure the job is completed properly and on time. If possible, a sample is forwarded to the customer for large Orders. If there are problems, the customer is immediately advised.
  6. The product is shipped.
  7. Any problems are resolved.

We take our business and commitment to our customers and customer service very seriously. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call or e-mail us.

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